Hook's Rum


Caribbean Spiced Rum

Hook into good times and sun-splashed fun with Hook’s Spiced Rum. Smooth yet exciting, with a hint of cinnamon, clove, and vanilla, Hook’s Spiced is a premium Caribbean Rum with a rich amber color, velvety texture, and distinct island flavor.

It’s the perfect start to a perfect party – day or night.

Make a drink and say Arrrr!

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Hook's Rum - Pouches

A whole new level of convenience.

Introducing the all new Hook’s Caribbean Spiced Rum Singles and Doubles. These revolutionary new flexible pouches are designed to be convenient in every aspect of use. They are extremely light, flat and leak proof. This makes them easy to carry in a cooler, or even your pocket, when you’re at the next big party or sporting event.

Say goodbye to the same old premixed beverages. Now you can grip, rip and mix your favorite single serve cocktails with ease.